Owning The Customer Experience

vfhzhSo, you’re a tech company, and you have users… How do you deliver the best experience to the people that matter most: your customers? Is it a beautiful and simple UI? Is it support? Is it the customer touch point? While smartphone apps started as lighters on your phone, then evolved into social/photo/communication tools, today’s apps are connecting people with the physical world around them. Uber connects you with a personal driver. Instacart brings you groceries. Homejoy does your housekeeping. Saucey delivers you drinks. In this new era of mobile platforms that connect you with physical services, what do we owe the customer?

At the end of the day we believe that design, simple UI, and a great delivery experience are what matter most to our customers. That’s why we admire and love companies who have gone the extra mile, companies that control the in-person experience with their customers. Just like before Uber there was Taxi Magic that passed you off to an experience they didn’t control, Instacart/Homejoy/Washio/and Saucey all have imitators that pass you off to someone else. It’s not easy to own that customer experience or build the necessary technology, but it matters, and that’s why we all operate the way we do.


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