How to Properly Store Your Clothes


You’ve heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”—while that usually applies to former flames, the same rule also works for closet organization. Store your least-worn items at the back so you can dedicate prime closet real estate to your most beloved pieces. This will make getting dressed a lot more convenient, and you’ll avoid the all-too-familiar situation of rummaging through the closet and ending up with a pile of discarded clothes on the floor.

Style tip: Organize your go-to accessories such as a classic watch or jewelry on a small tray next to your closet. Pairing these items with your outfit will ensure your style is always on point.

Clothes you should fold: Gently fold delicate items such as cashmere sweaters and heavy knits, and line them with a layer of acid-free tissue for extra care. Denim should also be folded, as hanging can cause it to stretch out in the wrong areas. Casual items such as T-shirts and tops can work both ways, based on personal preference.

Clothes you should hang: Keep your outerwear fresh by hanging them for storage. Your vintage leather jacket, silk blouse or suit would appreciate the extra TLC. Invest in some flocked hangers with velvet lining to keep your choice garments in mint condition. As always, any cocktail attire is best stored in a garment bag.

While closet maintenance might seem like a chore, keeping these style tips in mind will help you streamline the process and stay organized—no matter how messy your wardrobe is behind closed doors.


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